Building America’s New Dream

Canna Group Incorporated devotes its main focus to helping businesses like your flourish. Whether your new or already instituted, we’re here to build your company. By offering guidance, proposing investments, and advising your direction, we promise to be the sole partnership for your cannabis dreams. We seek out enthusiastic entrepreneurs and help them gain the licenses they need, produce the latest and best certified facility designs, produce standardized operations, and take their business expansion to new levels. No matter what the responsibility, our fervor is for building this new American dream.

A Cannabis Business Consultant Whose Confidence is In You

Canna Group Inc. has become one of the fastest growing cannabis business consultants within the last year. We’ve developed this establishment through the trust, commitment, and success. We’ve lead entrepreneurs into the cannabis industry and already established businesses in the direction of strong advancement within the industry.


Business Development

Conceiving an inclusively complete plan is how all successful businesses get their feet in the water. Canna Group Inc. is here to help you develop a customizable business plan with an identifiable financial model which will protect necessary capital, hire indispensable talent, and supply the infrastructure required for future implementation development.

Staff Sourcing

When starting a business, it can be difficult to understand the importance of getting ahold of the right staff. How do you identify the best talents? How do you go about discovering the right people to fill every position you need? Canna Group Inc. is here to answer these questions and more when it comes to structuring the right team for your business.

Brand Development

Before you get your licence to start a cannabis business, it’s entirely necessary to develop YOUR brand.

Growth and Optimization

As within any other industry, the most recurrent goal amid existing operators is to find means of new markets and/or develop new locations. However, there’s one big difference with the cannabis industry; it’s growing at an expeditious rate.