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It’s not an uncommon story anymore. Almost every day we hear accounts of cannabis based products curing cancer or other ailments, almost magically. Often times they sound like snake oil – all hype, and no results. However the overwhelming anecdotal evidence is becoming increasingly hard to ignore.

Take Rick Simpson Oil, for example. Developed by Simpson after his own seemingly incurable ailments were getting the better of him, the oil is claimed by many to have cured or alleviate a range of diseases from Parkinson’s to cancer itself. The amount of testimonials is staggering, but perhaps most impressive of all is that he doesn’t sell the oil himself, he simply provides the instructions for making the oil and warns of scammers offering his product for a fee.

His story and the testimonials of those who have used Rick Simpson Oil are not surprising to those who have done their research on the medicinal properties of cannabis. They are constantly pouring in from YouTube and forums. The evidence that his oil and others like it seems overwhelming.

The problem is that anecdotal evidence is simply not enough. We’re glad for all of the people Rick Simpson’s Oil and other cannabis methods have helped, but the reality is this needs to be brought to the attention of a larger market. Anecdotal evidence doesn’t hold up under the scrutiny of those in the scientific community or those who have the power to bring the cure to mass market.

That’s why it is so imperative that the federal government reclassifies marijuana from a Schedule I drug to something that can be medically researched. Enough of these restrictions that prevent well accredited researchers from uncovering the truth behind the medicinal power of cannabis. The overwhelming anecdotal evidence is too much to ignore. If it is as powerful as everyone claims, it’s a disservice to everyone suffering from a major illness that they are denied the chance become well.

We urge every lawmaker to push the issue of reclassifying marijuana as the next step at the federal level. We’re proud and excited for the states that have legalized some form of marijuana, both medically and recreationally, but it’s still not enough. Every day people are denied potentially life saving treatment options and criminalizing groups that are trying to help. Bring the power of medical cannabis to light. Legitimise it and find ways to bring it to the mass market.

People’s lives depend on it.