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“2015’s Best Startup Opportunity” – Forbes Magazine

As the relaxation of cannabis laws has taken hold, a growing number of sophisticated investors are taking a closer look at opportunities in the marijuana industry. However, the continuously evolving legal landscape, both complicated and contradictory, adds a level of complexity that is not typically associated with most investments.  Fortunately, Canna Group has a team of industry experts to help investors navigate source and assess these opportunities. Whether you are interested in the ancillary market, or in regulated businesses that directly touch the plant, Canna Group offers accredited investors access to a variety of attractive investment vehicles. Investors can participate with Canna Group Inc. in direct investments or acquisitions of cannabis or ancillary companies or invest in Sugar Leaf Capital, a private equity fund.

Sugar Leaf Capital is an investment fund created by Canna Group, in partnership with Rainmaker Securities.  The Sugar Leaf Team deploys a stringent due diligence process in its quest to find the very best opportunities for investment.  Some of the key investment characteristics for Sugar Leaf include identifying companies with:

  • Large Market Potential
  • Differentiated Products or Services
  • Initial Customer Traction
  • Executive Management Advisors with Demonstrated Success in Building Companies
  • Potential to Provide 5-10x CoC Returns within 3-7 Years or a Minimum Gross IRR of 30%

Sugar Leaf’s primary focus is on ancillary businesses (non-regulated) within these sectors:

  • Financials, Payments & Banking
  • Grow Systems, Agriculture & Operations
  • Software, Digital & Internet
  • Chemistry, Science & Genetic
  • Business Services

For investors looking for opportunities in companies that directly touch the plant, Canna Group (either through Sugar Leaf or through joint venture) can facilitate opportunistic investments in sectors such as:

  • Cultivation
  • Dispensary
  • Infused Products
  • Medicinal / Nutritional Products

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