About Us

About Us

It all began that chilly December morning in 2012 when the state of Washington learned recreational cannabis would finally be legalized. Not only did this get a bunch of people excited about a new future, it made the founders of Canna Group Inc. think about all the potential this industry could have. Now, six years later, we've seen that potential rise beyond expectation. And we're proud to say we're apart of that expansion.

Not only did we help the state of Washington develop a trusting cannabis industry, but we've spread our influence as more and more states join this movement. Canna Group Inc. has left a prominent impact on policies and has been one of the leading consultants for surfacing businesses. We've developed ourselves a team that now spans across the United States, linking one network with another, all through calculated partnerships which have helped develop the ever-growing cannabis industry.

Who We Are

Felix Amador


Felix Amador is a decade-long cannabis advocate whose made high influence as a cannabis entrepreneur. After being apart of the industry for so much time, Felix has developed a strong network of insiders. Under Felix's leadership, his well-trusted team has been able to reach all 30 states with legalized medical and/or recreational cannabis. As the founder of Canna Group Incorporated, Felix is constantly creating new directions for businesses with knowledge, dexterity, and tactical experience.

Eli Angeles

Vice President of Business Development

Eli is well-informed and highly versatile when it comes to working with new clients and gaining a comprehension of their particular needs. By developing personal and skilled work plans, Eli's prime motivation is to see company's reach their goals. Through substantial predictions and careful financial advising, his clients not only develop their own understanding of the industry but exceed the goals the originally set out to make.

Aspyn Riviera

Director of Marketing

As the leader of brand development and marketing strategy, Aspyn provides principal counseling in these areas for Canna Group Inc.'s clients. Her prior success in a variety of industries has shown that she can be both inventive and calculated when it comes to partnership and application of amalgamate plans.